Dr. Jason Arbuckle PhD

Dr. Jason Arbuckle PhD

About Me

I created this blog as an exploration of sorts. When I was in school working towards my Doctorate, I had to read a lot of books. Some were stale and boring, as many textbooks are, while others were incredible, insightful or illuminating.

Some of them were written by some of the brightest minds in mankind’s history and to me, those books shed a special light for me. They shared an insight or a truth about life. I affectionately coined the term “Truth Books” because to me, that’s what they are.

They tell the truth, or the author’s version of it anyway, into why we’re here and what we’re supposed to do with our time here.

I wanted to share my experience with those books and so I thought, what better way than to start an informal blog to record my experiences and impressions of these books as I experience them.

I intend to post from time to time and if you have questions about any of the books I discuss, drop me a line.