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This post is going to be different because it isn’t going to be about a book review. Plain and simple, this is a shout-out to a company that saved my butt, and because they did, I want to give them some “internet love”.

A couple months ago I was involved in a pretty serious car accident where a guy ran me off the road and I crashed into a tree and I was hospitalized for just over a week. I had to have emergency surgery to repair a punctured lung that was caused by 3 shattered ribs. It also screwed up my shoulder and my left arm pretty bad too. It was touch and go there for a while.

The other guy’s insurance company wasted no time trying to screw me over big time. They actually contacted me while I was still in the hospital and offered to fix my car, pay for my surgery and offered me $5,000 for the ‘inconvenience’. Are you kidding me? Inconvenience? I couldn’t believe it.

I got so mad. That day I started calling lawyers and after I hired one, I turned him loose on them. That’s also when I learned that real life is nothing like what you see on any of the lawyer shows on TV. Things do not get wrapped up neatly in one hour.

The bigger problem is that while I was recovering I was unable to work or earn any money. I blew through all my savings just trying to survive. Fortunately I could still get to school thanks to my friends but money dwindled and I got almost to the point where I couldn’t pay my rent or buy groceries anymore. My attorney kept telling me that my lawsuit was moving forward and progressing nicely but kept saying that these things take time and he’d never tell me how much longer to expect. It was really frustrating.

That’s when a friend of mine told me about a company that offers a thing called pre settlement funding. He’d used them before and he said they really saved his butt so I figured I’d at least give them a call to see what they could do for me.

Yeah, I know, this blog is about Truth Books and no, they’re not a book but this is the truth: These guys saved me from falling into what could have become a really bad situation.

They contacted my attorney, took a look at my case, decided what they thought it would be worth once it settled and then gave me a cash advance on my future settlement. Until my friend told me about them, I’d never ever heard of anything like that before. I called them on a Tuesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon they’d wired the money I need directly into my bank account. I don’t have to make any monthly payments and they’ll just wait around until my case settles and then they get paid back.

All I can say about these guys is 3 words:


So if you’re hurt, you have a lawsuit and you’re out of money, hit ’em up.

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